Must-Have Attitudes and Beliefs Of A Great Seducer

You may wish to have AWESOME success with women, but it wont be a reality if youre not willing to invest your time to learn new skills. Its like hoping to win the New York City Marathon without going
through the proper training. As much as youd like to make headlines, youll never pull it off if you lack PREPARATION.

For today though, lets go through a couple of the most empowering attitudes and beliefs that skilled seducers have in the back of their minds. You see, the expression, Its all about attitude is
really MORE than just a cliché.

How you perceive yourself will be how OTHERS see you as well. The attitude you project into the world defines the reality you live in.

When it comes to meeting women, its your perception that affects the way you think and act. Ultimately, your belief system is what determines the quality of success youll have.

Anyway, lets get it on with it:

1. My life works for me, not the other way around.

Whenever a smart guy gets into a tricky situation, his mind is
already on auto-pilot to size things up. To make his life function
in a way that suits HIM, he goes through a mental checklist:

– Have I done what I can to make this scenario work for me?
– Are my priorities after the long-term or short-term benefits of
this situation?
– What should I do to achieve my objectives?

Be THAT guy by keeping those guidelines in mind when you go out
there and flirt with the women youll run into.

Lets say that youre at a club and catch a cute brunette stealing
glances at you. Feeling confident, you walk past her and suddenly
do a double-take.

Seeming like a sudden, spur-of-the-moment thing, you turn your head
to her and start a stacked routine you studied in advance.

Soon enough, youre drinking and dancing the night away. The thing
is, you overlooked the fact that you have a sales pitch to make to
your boss early tomorrow.

Nevertheless, you get caught up in her company, talking and
laughing all the way. A few hours later, youre about to keel over
from all alcohol youve had, but she gently coos for you to take
her to another bar.

Finally, you make it back to your place just before the crack of
dawn. The next day, you shuffle your way into work, still hung
over from the night before. Needless to say, your boss and clients
are less than thrilled with your presentation.

Now then, whats the lesson to be learned here?

Seasoned veterans in the pickup scene know a common truth: success
with women means NOT being a victim of the events in your life.

Its a matter of setting your priorities. Having a healthy dating
life actually requires you NOT to throw your other affairs out the

In the example we talked about, the better way to handle the
situation is by setting limits to how long youll be at the club
(since you have work the next day).

If you happen to hit it off with someone, tell her you have to
leave by a certain time.

Get her number so you can meet at a different time and place.
Refreshed the next day, you bowl the folks over at work. Later
that night, you go ahead and have that date with her.

Still feeling that rush from your recent success at work, youre
feeling confident with her now. By the end of the night, you seal
the deal with the seduction and score your first kiss with her.

Going home, you feel like a million dollars because you know that
you were able to handle things as they came. Mastery of seduction
starts with mastery of your life.

Comparing the two examples, youll see that following the second
one demonstrates the ability to prioritize the long-term goal (a
life that works for you) OVER the short-term one (the possibility
of a one-night stand).

Going after the immediate gratification will only make you
surrender control over your life.

Look, a lot of guys have been fired at work or worse by merely
satisfying the immediate need to have sex right away

even if it means throwing away the other parts of their lives

or worse, compromising their INTEGRITY.

Dont be a hostage to her whims or your desires. You know youre
stronger than that. This is the perfect chance to TAKE CONTROL of
your life and make it work for YOU.

2. I dont broadcast too much interest (not at the start at

Seduction starts with attraction, and attraction starts with
flirting. When it comes to flirting, the trick is to catch her
attention and not appear too much like a suitor right away.

Remember, the effective seducer is not hung up on the outcome of
his attempts. When youre interacting with women, the best way to
make a progression is to learn from your mistakes.

Of course, you wont get anywhere if youre TOO AFRAID to make
them. Expect to run into a few speed bumps, potholes and other
obstacles before you find your rhythm and start being comfortable
with the attraction techniques youre learning about.

This is why being in an all-or-nothing state of mind will only
make you tense up BIG TIME. If youre all wound up, thats when
women will smell your game plan a mile away.

On the other hand, being RELAXED and tuned in to HER (rather than
to all those nagging fears) will greatly help you disable your
suitor mode. Instead, youll be acting as someone whos just
there to chat and have a good time.

From our side of things, we have to go through the process of
learning and studying the art of seduction. As men, its up to us
to learn about and initiate the several dozen interactions required
to flip her attraction switches.

But keep in mind that she doesnt have to see what happening behind
the scenes. Make the experience of meeting, attracting and
seducing her a SEAMLESS experience.

Never underestimate the power of SPONTANEITY. In a womans mind,
romance is something she NEVER plans for.

Dating (and the fireworks in between) is an experience charged by
emotions (as opposed to the logical, well-thought process men need
to master).

It should JUST HAPPEN. Who are you to deny her what fate has in
store for her?

Without empathy, you will never see things from her perspective,
let alone attract her. Never, ever let her in on the inner
workings of your elaborate plan to make her see what a great guy
you are.

Its not about DECEPTION, believe me. Youre not trying to play
mind games here.

Yet, moving in too quick and too soon will scare her away. Every
guy should know that appearing too emotionally vulnerable lessens a
womans respect for him. She needs to see you as an equal, not a
groveling wimp.

All Im advising you to do is to understand how certain actions
need to be TIMED within the framework of the courtship process.
Youre not masking your romantic agenda- just revealing it one step
at a time.

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