Getting Over Heris Always So Hard

You know, we men say that we are made of tough stuff but you have to agree that we wallow in our sorrows and we moan and groan too when we have a break up. I remember this particular break up which I had taken very hard. I thought I could never love again; well of course that thought’s out the window now. One thing that I have learned guys is that time is the best healer. If it does not heal properly, it surely makes you get used to not having her in your life. That is what everyone wants right? To get used to the misfortune and not kill us everyday about it.

I used to love this girl very dearly and I thought she could be the one I was waiting for. She went to a different city to work and then slowly the relationship got patchy. Then one fine day she sprung the news on me; she was seeing some other guy. I don’t know what hit me more, that she was seeing another guy or that she was leaving me. Either way, it left me with a hole, the size of a football, in my heart. What did I do to fill that hole? Well, I thought booze would be a good liquid to fill the space. So, I drank like a fish and was often found sloshed in my living room.

After a month or so, my friends got really worried and kicked me into senses. Well, some of them literally did kick me. I was kept out of reach from any bar or liquor store and also heavily emotionally blackmailed, thus I could not buy booze even if I wanted to. The time that I got sans hangovers now made me think. I did not die because she left me and I would not. I would keep living my life like she was living hers. So there is really no point in wasting mine when she is living hers so well. So I got back to my old routine though the ache was very prominent for months.

You know what, now I only remember that as a memory of what had been. I have found a person I love and who loves me and who works in my city too. it really is not worth t to put your friends and family in agony too over your break up. When I see my friends hurt and lonely, I feel the pain too. so I know what my friends must have gone through. Really not worth it. Well, my epiphany came just in time, not everybody is that lucky.

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