Being Funny, Having Fun

Being funny ain’t easy. Ask me about it. Have you ever felt like you are really on a roll and then you see no one’s laughing. Well, that is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you humor wise. It is even more humiliating when the person not laughing is the date that you’re trying to impress. I thought girls love funny men. Well they do, but what I did not know was that different girls dig different kinds of humor. I’ve had some seriously shitty luck with girls in this area.

Once I cracked a joke about a passing girl who had a weird nose and my date got offended and said I was insensitive. I should not be making jokes about other people’s looks. Well, I was stumped. What could I do? I looked down and then managed enough courage to steer the conversation out of troubled waters. But seriously guys, this used to happen a lot to me. I’m thankful I know the art of steering conversations; otherwise all my dates would be a nightmare. Bad humour can cost you dates; trust me.

There was this time when I made fun of a girl’s dress and she was grumpy the whole night. I didn’t see what the big deal was but then a female friend of mine said that rule number one of humor with girls is that you should never make fun of her, or her dress or her shoes or her make up; well you get the drift. I tried not putting my foot in my mouth from then on.

Still folks, I have had some good times too. I cracked a joke and the girl giggled away.  I know this much that of a girl giggles and hits you playfully after you say a joke, she’s bought it. Most girls do like funny guys but the guys take it too far with their humor. Well, I’ve learned my lesson; tough ones too. Embarrassment is something I don’t take well. If there’s nowhere I can hide, I try not to be experimental with my humor. More importantly, I try and find out what kind of humour the girl likes and strictly adhere to that category. No point in being sarcastic with a slapstick kinda girl, is there? Likewise, an intelligent girl would think you’re very lame if you went for the slapstick jokes.

5 Tips on Getting a Peruvian Girl to Notice You

Peruvian women are highly desired by men, especially because of their personalities. If you find yourself attracted to Peruvian women, we’ve got some tips for you.

Here are five tips on getting a Peruvian girl to notice you

Learn How to Spanish

Being able to speak Spanish will bring you at a huge advantage. Not all women in Peru speak fluent English, which means they will be surely flattered if you communicate in Spanish. Even with just basics will help the process of dating come along.

Never Mislead Peruvian Women

Peruvian women are found to be sensitive and soft. This means if you are insensitive you may end up hurting her feelings. For Peruvians, love and relationships are far-reaching. If you casually say you love her and she discovers that it is not true, she will never forgive you. Keep in mind that love and relationships are translated as a bridge to marriage.

Be serious about her

If you intend on making Peruvian women your partner, this means that you should be serious about her. In Peruvian culture, the term girlfriend plays an entirely different meaning than in Western countries. Don’t call her your girlfriend if you are only dating in a casual setting.

Show romance

Peruvian women are famously known as hopeless romantics. They can easily be charmed with sweet compliments, gifts, flowers, romantic talks and candle light dinners. Peruvians enjoy being praised and pampered. Therefore, you will need to put in plenty of passionate efforts to win a Peruvian woman’s, heart. Also be sure to invest your feelings in an honest setting.

Enjoy becoming her fun factor

Peruvian women love to have fun. If you want to win the heart of a Peruvian woman, embrace the fun and show her how you have a real time. Peruvian girls are becoming very modern, which means they have no reservations towards dating foreigners. By only making her laugh and making sure she has a good time, you will see how liberal a Peruvian woman’s attitude may be. If she enjoys talking to you, she will surely be interested in going on a date with you.

Got any more tips? Comment below and share them with us!