Getting Over Heris Always So Hard

You know, we men say that we are made of tough stuff but you have to agree that we wallow in our sorrows and we moan and groan too when we have a break up. I remember this particular break up which I had taken very hard. I thought I could never love again; well of course that thought’s out the window now. One thing that I have learned guys is that time is the best healer. If it does not heal properly, it surely makes you get used to not having her in your life. That is what everyone wants right? To get used to the misfortune and not kill us everyday about it.

I used to love this girl very dearly and I thought she could be the one I was waiting for. She went to a different city to work and then slowly the relationship got patchy. Then one fine day she sprung the news on me; she was seeing some other guy. I don’t know what hit me more, that she was seeing another guy or that she was leaving me. Either way, it left me with a hole, the size of a football, in my heart. What did I do to fill that hole? Well, I thought booze would be a good liquid to fill the space. So, I drank like a fish and was often found sloshed in my living room.

After a month or so, my friends got really worried and kicked me into senses. Well, some of them literally did kick me. I was kept out of reach from any bar or liquor store and also heavily emotionally blackmailed, thus I could not buy booze even if I wanted to. The time that I got sans hangovers now made me think. I did not die because she left me and I would not. I would keep living my life like she was living hers. So there is really no point in wasting mine when she is living hers so well. So I got back to my old routine though the ache was very prominent for months.

You know what, now I only remember that as a memory of what had been. I have found a person I love and who loves me and who works in my city too. it really is not worth t to put your friends and family in agony too over your break up. When I see my friends hurt and lonely, I feel the pain too. so I know what my friends must have gone through. Really not worth it. Well, my epiphany came just in time, not everybody is that lucky.

Must-Have Attitudes and Beliefs Of A Great Seducer

You may wish to have AWESOME success with women, but it wont be a reality if youre not willing to invest your time to learn new skills. Its like hoping to win the New York City Marathon without going
through the proper training. As much as youd like to make headlines, youll never pull it off if you lack PREPARATION.

For today though, lets go through a couple of the most empowering attitudes and beliefs that skilled seducers have in the back of their minds. You see, the expression, Its all about attitude is
really MORE than just a cliché.

How you perceive yourself will be how OTHERS see you as well. The attitude you project into the world defines the reality you live in.

When it comes to meeting women, its your perception that affects the way you think and act. Ultimately, your belief system is what determines the quality of success youll have.

Anyway, lets get it on with it:

1. My life works for me, not the other way around.

Whenever a smart guy gets into a tricky situation, his mind is
already on auto-pilot to size things up. To make his life function
in a way that suits HIM, he goes through a mental checklist:

– Have I done what I can to make this scenario work for me?
– Are my priorities after the long-term or short-term benefits of
this situation?
– What should I do to achieve my objectives?

Be THAT guy by keeping those guidelines in mind when you go out
there and flirt with the women youll run into.

Lets say that youre at a club and catch a cute brunette stealing
glances at you. Feeling confident, you walk past her and suddenly
do a double-take.

Seeming like a sudden, spur-of-the-moment thing, you turn your head
to her and start a stacked routine you studied in advance.

Soon enough, youre drinking and dancing the night away. The thing
is, you overlooked the fact that you have a sales pitch to make to
your boss early tomorrow.

Nevertheless, you get caught up in her company, talking and
laughing all the way. A few hours later, youre about to keel over
from all alcohol youve had, but she gently coos for you to take
her to another bar.

Finally, you make it back to your place just before the crack of
dawn. The next day, you shuffle your way into work, still hung
over from the night before. Needless to say, your boss and clients
are less than thrilled with your presentation.

Now then, whats the lesson to be learned here?

Seasoned veterans in the pickup scene know a common truth: success
with women means NOT being a victim of the events in your life.

Its a matter of setting your priorities. Having a healthy dating
life actually requires you NOT to throw your other affairs out the

In the example we talked about, the better way to handle the
situation is by setting limits to how long youll be at the club
(since you have work the next day).

If you happen to hit it off with someone, tell her you have to
leave by a certain time.

Get her number so you can meet at a different time and place.
Refreshed the next day, you bowl the folks over at work. Later
that night, you go ahead and have that date with her.

Still feeling that rush from your recent success at work, youre
feeling confident with her now. By the end of the night, you seal
the deal with the seduction and score your first kiss with her.

Going home, you feel like a million dollars because you know that
you were able to handle things as they came. Mastery of seduction
starts with mastery of your life.

Comparing the two examples, youll see that following the second
one demonstrates the ability to prioritize the long-term goal (a
life that works for you) OVER the short-term one (the possibility
of a one-night stand).

Going after the immediate gratification will only make you
surrender control over your life.

Look, a lot of guys have been fired at work or worse by merely
satisfying the immediate need to have sex right away

even if it means throwing away the other parts of their lives

or worse, compromising their INTEGRITY.

Dont be a hostage to her whims or your desires. You know youre
stronger than that. This is the perfect chance to TAKE CONTROL of
your life and make it work for YOU.

2. I dont broadcast too much interest (not at the start at

Seduction starts with attraction, and attraction starts with
flirting. When it comes to flirting, the trick is to catch her
attention and not appear too much like a suitor right away.

Remember, the effective seducer is not hung up on the outcome of
his attempts. When youre interacting with women, the best way to
make a progression is to learn from your mistakes.

Of course, you wont get anywhere if youre TOO AFRAID to make
them. Expect to run into a few speed bumps, potholes and other
obstacles before you find your rhythm and start being comfortable
with the attraction techniques youre learning about.

This is why being in an all-or-nothing state of mind will only
make you tense up BIG TIME. If youre all wound up, thats when
women will smell your game plan a mile away.

On the other hand, being RELAXED and tuned in to HER (rather than
to all those nagging fears) will greatly help you disable your
suitor mode. Instead, youll be acting as someone whos just
there to chat and have a good time.

From our side of things, we have to go through the process of
learning and studying the art of seduction. As men, its up to us
to learn about and initiate the several dozen interactions required
to flip her attraction switches.

But keep in mind that she doesnt have to see what happening behind
the scenes. Make the experience of meeting, attracting and
seducing her a SEAMLESS experience.

Never underestimate the power of SPONTANEITY. In a womans mind,
romance is something she NEVER plans for.

Dating (and the fireworks in between) is an experience charged by
emotions (as opposed to the logical, well-thought process men need
to master).

It should JUST HAPPEN. Who are you to deny her what fate has in
store for her?

Without empathy, you will never see things from her perspective,
let alone attract her. Never, ever let her in on the inner
workings of your elaborate plan to make her see what a great guy
you are.

Its not about DECEPTION, believe me. Youre not trying to play
mind games here.

Yet, moving in too quick and too soon will scare her away. Every
guy should know that appearing too emotionally vulnerable lessens a
womans respect for him. She needs to see you as an equal, not a
groveling wimp.

All Im advising you to do is to understand how certain actions
need to be TIMED within the framework of the courtship process.
Youre not masking your romantic agenda- just revealing it one step
at a time.

Talking to Girls – Can You Do It Right?

Talking to girls don’t seem that tough to some guys but for others it is like preparing for a battle. I was one of these guys. I used to walk up to a girl only to pass by her and not look back. My friends teased the hell out of me for that one. I had my reasons. Which girl would talk to a guy who was looking everywhere else except at her and had sweaty palms and stuttered his way through a sentence? None. Well, I got over my apprehensions and nervousness with age and practice and loads of help from friends but still there were times when I wished I could be one with the floor.

I observed my friend Carl a lot. He is this smooth talker who goes up to a girl and gets her giggling in no time. I have never seen any girl give Carl one of their frosty looks. I am quite acquainted with the frosty looks; I used to get a lot of them. I noticed that Carl was always confident and never praised the girl too much. He never said what the girl was already expecting from him. He went with the element of surprise. It is an art, guys, and I still haven’t got that right but I noticed that girls like to be intrigued rather than flattered. They also like interesting conversation; specially ones in which they can talk a whole lot. We all know how women can go on and on and on about nothing. Well, Carl used to give them something to go on about. That pleased them. Carl appeared to be an intent listener and they loved that. Well, I knew better but I wasn’t gonna spill, was I?

There was this party where I saw a lovely girl wearing a flowing red dress. She was standing next to a guy I knew and I thought he’d be able to introduce me. As it turned out he did not know her and just happened to stand by her. I thought I would give it a shot and introduce myself to her. It wasn’t as if she’d slap me or anything. If anything went wrong, it did not matter as I would not see her again either way. So I walked up o her with two glasses of wine and said, “ I noticed you were standing alone without company or a drink, so I came to offer you both.” I waited for a reply; be it positive or negative. I was expecting the latter. To my immense surprise, she smiled at me and even took the offered glass of wine. Now that I had gotten a positive reply, I was nervous as anything. Yet, the evening rolled out; not so smoothly as I would have hoped but nevertheless I had a date for next Friday. Oh, did I mention it was Carl’s party?

Being Funny, Having Fun

Being funny ain’t easy. Ask me about it. Have you ever felt like you are really on a roll and then you see no one’s laughing. Well, that is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you humor wise. It is even more humiliating when the person not laughing is the date that you’re trying to impress. I thought girls love funny men. Well they do, but what I did not know was that different girls dig different kinds of humor. I’ve had some seriously shitty luck with girls in this area.

Once I cracked a joke about a passing girl who had a weird nose and my date got offended and said I was insensitive. I should not be making jokes about other people’s looks. Well, I was stumped. What could I do? I looked down and then managed enough courage to steer the conversation out of troubled waters. But seriously guys, this used to happen a lot to me. I’m thankful I know the art of steering conversations; otherwise all my dates would be a nightmare. Bad humour can cost you dates; trust me.

There was this time when I made fun of a girl’s dress and she was grumpy the whole night. I didn’t see what the big deal was but then a female friend of mine said that rule number one of humor with girls is that you should never make fun of her, or her dress or her shoes or her make up; well you get the drift. I tried not putting my foot in my mouth from then on.

Still folks, I have had some good times too. I cracked a joke and the girl giggled away.  I know this much that of a girl giggles and hits you playfully after you say a joke, she’s bought it. Most girls do like funny guys but the guys take it too far with their humor. Well, I’ve learned my lesson; tough ones too. Embarrassment is something I don’t take well. If there’s nowhere I can hide, I try not to be experimental with my humor. More importantly, I try and find out what kind of humour the girl likes and strictly adhere to that category. No point in being sarcastic with a slapstick kinda girl, is there? Likewise, an intelligent girl would think you’re very lame if you went for the slapstick jokes.

Dating Teen Ideas For A Teen Dating Relationship

Are you about to date the most pretty and hot girl in the entire class? Is she the most happening and drooled after cheerleader? Are all the guys in the class just jealous of you for being so lucky? Well it seems like you have finally achieved something! Well then what’s the problem? Oops, seems like she is still a minor and her parents are in no way going to allow her being out on a date after 9.

So what you need right here is some serious and effective teen dating advice. The two most efficient tips for dating that can help you in such a situation are,

  • The nobler dating teen idea
  • The loser dating teen idea

According to the first dating teen idea, you simply have to understand and accept the fact that her parents won’t allow her to go out after 9. So you start putting in all your efforts and ideas and try to do whatever you can in order to make the date special within that stipulated period of time you have.

On the other hand is the loser dating teen idea according to which you just keep looking for the second best choice that the girl you date suggests!

But it seems you didn’t like any of these ideas, right? After all, you want to impress the girl and not look like a complete loser. Well, okay then here is some serious teen dating advice coming around this time that will not leave you dissatisfied.

Have you ever given a thought to the idea that instead of asking her out for a date at the night you can also ask her out for dating during the day? This is by no chance going to make you look like a loser and will only leave a lot more time for dating.  After all what actually matters is the date. As you plan a daytime date, you automatically leave both of you out of the slightest chance of breaking that 9 o’clock rule. That way you might even manage a little favor of her parents as well. This way you will be able to create a rather trustworthy impression which will be counted on in the long run if you have plans of a serious teen dating relationship.

Moreover, gaining the confidenceand trust of the parents is a very important point and once you manage that you almost win more than half the battle. You never know this way you may even manage to earn yourself some real luck when her parents actually allow her to go on a date with you after six and that too without someone looking over her.

The added advantages of dating during the daytime are many. When you go out for a date during the day there is no chance that the dating locations will be crowded by chance. So, no chance of bumping into other classmates or spying eyes. So there is no possibility that someone will look over your dating rendezvous and broadcast it ditto the next day at school. During the daytime most of the romantic dating spots in the neighborhood remain vacant with no crowds at all. So you will get to enjoy some really quite ambience while dating. Therefore take your date to the most special restaurant and enjoy the company amidst subdued lights, refreshing room freshener which will all contribute to the quite and private conversation you have with your date. And if Lady Luck has her eye on you, you may even be fortunate enough to have a memorable teen date when you also get to kiss the hottest girl in class.

Another handy teen dating advice would be, when deciding on the place it is always good to consult with your date once. Just check if she has any personal preferences for dating. Or else if you are too shy to do that you can also talk to her best friend or give her a little bribe. The common tips for dating say there are innumerable possibilities when choosing on the dating place. But one of the most important dating tips that you need to keep in mind is that the place you choose for dating needs to be peaceful and comfortable. It should be a place where both of you will be able to enjoy the dating.

Chances are fat that this is going to be your first date ever. So it would be better to have a prior idea of your date’s preferences, likes, dislikes and manners, etc. These are the little tidbits that will help you while you plan the date.

Another great source that you may consider for further dating tips would be your dad! He is the best person who can give you awesome teen dating advice that can help you impress the girl within minutes. And those tips may also help you win over the confidence of her parents which can fatten your chances of a brooding teen dating relationship.

5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Latin American Woman

Latin American women are different from cultures from all over the world. With their wild ambitions and excited expressions, Latinas want a man who can deal with their terms.

Here are five reasons why you should date a Latina American Woman.

Latinas embrace their constant femininity

Latinas tend to carry their feminine auras with high heels and long, voluminous hair. Latinas aim to look good no matter where they go. They enjoy being feminine and it clearly shows.

Latinas are extremely loyal

Latinas are not only loyal they will do more than stand by yourself. If you have a physical or verbal argument, you can expect them to have your back. As long as you keep them involved without leaving any secrets behind, they will not lose their trust in you like your woman.

Latinas can cook

Hispanic women are amazing cooks. It is their traditional ability to cook for their men and family as they believe it is the key to a man’s heart. Latinas feel that pleasing their men with food is one of their best assets. However, their skills are often limited to their native cuisine.

Latinas are seductive dancers

Have you ever seen a Latin Woman dance? The passion and spirit they possess on the dance floor will cultivate you. In fact, most men tend to get lost in seduction in their partner’s sweat. A Latina’s natural femininity is displayed in her dance moves.

Latinas are passionate lovers

Most men who are experienced in dating a Latina can say that the experience will change your life. The passion they have as partners is shown to be real and authentic. Latin American women aim to please and have a strong desire to be dominated by their partners.

Have you ever dating a Latin American woman? Comment below and share your experience with us!

5 Tips on Getting a Peruvian Girl to Notice You

Peruvian women are highly desired by men, especially because of their personalities. If you find yourself attracted to Peruvian women, we’ve got some tips for you.

Here are five tips on getting a Peruvian girl to notice you

Learn How to Spanish

Being able to speak Spanish will bring you at a huge advantage. Not all women in Peru speak fluent English, which means they will be surely flattered if you communicate in Spanish. Even with just basics will help the process of dating come along.

Never Mislead Peruvian Women

Peruvian women are found to be sensitive and soft. This means if you are insensitive you may end up hurting her feelings. For Peruvians, love and relationships are far-reaching. If you casually say you love her and she discovers that it is not true, she will never forgive you. Keep in mind that love and relationships are translated as a bridge to marriage.

Be serious about her

If you intend on making Peruvian women your partner, this means that you should be serious about her. In Peruvian culture, the term girlfriend plays an entirely different meaning than in Western countries. Don’t call her your girlfriend if you are only dating in a casual setting.

Show romance

Peruvian women are famously known as hopeless romantics. They can easily be charmed with sweet compliments, gifts, flowers, romantic talks and candle light dinners. Peruvians enjoy being praised and pampered. Therefore, you will need to put in plenty of passionate efforts to win a Peruvian woman’s, heart. Also be sure to invest your feelings in an honest setting.

Enjoy becoming her fun factor

Peruvian women love to have fun. If you want to win the heart of a Peruvian woman, embrace the fun and show her how you have a real time. Peruvian girls are becoming very modern, which means they have no reservations towards dating foreigners. By only making her laugh and making sure she has a good time, you will see how liberal a Peruvian woman’s attitude may be. If she enjoys talking to you, she will surely be interested in going on a date with you.

Got any more tips? Comment below and share them with us!

6 Things You Should Know about Dating Peruvian Women

If you are dating or interesting in dating a Peruvian, you may have noticed the cultural differences. Just like any other culture, there comes from pros and cons.

Here are six things you should know about dating Peruvian women.

They follow the Gender Role

You might notice the regular gender role in Peru, no matter how outspoken they may be. This is likely due to the environment Peruvians grew up in. The characteristics might be endearing, but you will notice the cleaning and cooking women do and the physical labor men practice.

They Love White Skin

Peruvians, especially women, are attracted white skin. Women enjoy the blonde hair, blue-eyed types in Lima. If you have those attributes, prepare yourself as you will be in high demand.

Peruvian women are not too feminine

Believe it or not – women in Lima are not exactly feminine. While they follow the traditions of dating and marriage, the girls are more liberal. Some girls don’t even wear skirts or dresses on dates.

Peruvian girls are fun

While the women aren’t exactly feminine, they do have great personalities. Peruvian girls love to have fun and complain a lot less. In fact, you will enjoy spending time with them. Peruvian women don’t try to be sarcastic as they have a light sense of humor and love to laugh.

Many speak English

While not all women in Peru speak English, many girls in Lima will be able to carry a conversation with you. This is because many of them are Americanized and tend to be friendly with foreigners.

They don’t have an angle to scam you

Peruvian girls are great to meet, especially as they don’t play games and are fun to hang out with. Most girls in Peru may not be the hottest in the world, but they do make you feel like a million bucks.

Got any other things our readers should know about dating Peruvian women? Comment below and let us see what you think!