6 Things You Should Know about Dating Peruvian Women

If you are dating or interesting in dating a Peruvian, you may have noticed the cultural differences. Just like any other culture, there comes from pros and cons.

Here are six things you should know about dating Peruvian women.

They follow the Gender Role

You might notice the regular gender role in Peru, no matter how outspoken they may be. This is likely due to the environment Peruvians grew up in. The characteristics might be endearing, but you will notice the cleaning and cooking women do and the physical labor men practice.

They Love White Skin

Peruvians, especially women, are attracted white skin. Women enjoy the blonde hair, blue-eyed types in Lima. If you have those attributes, prepare yourself as you will be in high demand.

Peruvian women are not too feminine

Believe it or not – women in Lima are not exactly feminine. While they follow the traditions of dating and marriage, the girls are more liberal. Some girls don’t even wear skirts or dresses on dates.

Peruvian girls are fun

While the women aren’t exactly feminine, they do have great personalities. Peruvian girls love to have fun and complain a lot less. In fact, you will enjoy spending time with them. Peruvian women don’t try to be sarcastic as they have a light sense of humor and love to laugh.

Many speak English

While not all women in Peru speak English, many girls in Lima will be able to carry a conversation with you. This is because many of them are Americanized and tend to be friendly with foreigners.

They don’t have an angle to scam you

Peruvian girls are great to meet, especially as they don’t play games and are fun to hang out with. Most girls in Peru may not be the hottest in the world, but they do make you feel like a million bucks.

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